Cora miner 2017-09-05

    a simple miner with room for upgrades

    1. lighturfir
      starmade-screenshot-0038.png o i almost for got in the hanger bay ( see picture ) is the main storage with 1.1 mill capacity starmade-screenshot-0039.png plus in the bar the ceiling panel opens to the button to turn on the rotation starmade-screenshot-0036.png dont think i ever uploaded a miner before hmm well here you go shes not much put theres plenty of room to upgrade and to even add more rooms as you needs change for it
      the Core 4 starmade-screenshot-0035.png starmade-screenshot-0029.png starmade-screenshot-0033.png starmade-screenshot-0034.png

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    1. darknassius
      Version: 2017-09-05
      very nice !! it s a great miner ,interior and exterior is very good !!
      1. lighturfir
        Author's Response
        thanks but like i said its just a simple miner and its even got bobbi ai