13-bit data transceiver

    13-bit data transceiver 13.2

    Game version
    v.201. everything
    13-bit data transceiver

    Features/ How to use:

    -Send a string of up to 13 bits with ease, with a single wireless module link.
    -Set your "message" on the bottom entity's activation modules and press the button to begin transmission. The modules on the top entity will show the same string.
    -Transmission time is 8 seconds.

    Below, you can see I've transmitted the message, which then appears on the top entity.

    AA Tech Ind. Much good stuff.
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    5.00 star(s) 3 ratings

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    Latest updates

    1. It works again

      Changed it to a 13 bit one, up from 12, and fixed it. Added anti-spam protection as well.
    2. Now 12-bit, up from 8-bit

      Redid the device- now its 12-bit and more compact than the 8-bit one.
    3. Cosmetic upgrade

      Just polished it a bit.

    Latest reviews

    Seems like such a simple concept and yet IDK why i didn't think of it myself. Now I have something new to play around with when designing circuitry. Hmm I could speed up the transmission and make it 8 bits at a time with a buffer. Soon I shall has Internets on my ships ;p thanks for the upload. ~SI
    its only a matter of time before someone makes a 64 or even 256 bit tranceiver, and with it a brand new wave of interconnected ships
    Just what I needed for my miners to relay data from the HQ. And why didn't I upload mine to CC? xD

    Anyways, while noted appliances are mostly useless game-wise, such transmitter can be EXTREMELY useful in more complex logic contraptions. My faction uses similar device in our miners to get up-to-date data directly to the mining ship to aid pilots in gathering necessary resources
    Yes, I see a lot of practical as well as fun uses for this device. In fact, I'm building a device that transmits display text from one entity to another which uses this very device!